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  Colombia Nariņo Excelso
Colombian Nariño Excelso

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Colombian Nariņo Excelso

Received 1/13/2015

This cup is reminiscent of coffee candy, clean caramel with hints of creamy hazelnut flavors that round out the mouthfeel - soothing and familiar. The sweetness of this coffee is an indication of proper cherry selection.

Roast Color: Medium/Dark
Prep: Washed
Body: Light-Medium
Flavor Profile: Sweet, clean

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About this Coffee

GROWERS: Smallholder coffee producers from Nariņo
REGION: Nariņo, Colombia
ALTITUDE: 1,750 - 2,100 meters
PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in the sun
VARIETY: Caturra, Castillo, and Typica
HARVEST: April-August, December- February
SOIL: Volcanic loam

This varietal is teeming with possibilities. It's a classic washed-mild, modern-processed, estate-grown Colombian - so sweet with lovely flavors, the aroma displays a pleasant, subtle spiciness. Inconspicuous undertones of ambrosial caramel, a balanced body, and a clean finish. The slightly sweet, caramel notes and light fruitiness combine perfectly with the lively 'new crop' acidity - exactly what we've come to expect from an exceptional Colombian coffee.

Medium-bodied, this is a considerably smoother and naturally creamier cup than most other Latin American coffee varietals. With a refined catalog of sweet flavor notes touching on toasted walnut and milk chocolate, the cup is delightfully crisp, surprisingly clean, and extraordinarily well-defined. This kind of mature, well-defined flavor is surprising to people new to specialty-roasted coffee, who believe all Colombian varietals are like the commercial grade coffees they were raised on. This is the real deal - the perfect way to cast out those old experiences and inaugurate a whole new appreciation for artisanal, designer coffees.

There's a reason why Colombian coffees of this caliber so swiftly carved out a niche in the specialty coffee marketplace. Chances are, your first specialty coffee was a Colombian, and this is one to indulge in nostalgically. We expect this roast to excite your taste buds, warm your heart, and ignite fond memories. Enjoy!

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