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Shop today's coffee for the best tasting beans available in the market this week!

Seth Appell is your coffee buyer, bringing the most exciting fresh green bean from the port city of San Francisco to Bisbee for roasting as you order. Coffee in the market moves fast, so don't wait to order - what you see available today will be sold out tomorrow!
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India Arabidecool Estate Nicaragua Dipilto
India Arabidecool Estate
Full 16oz Pound $16.00
Nicaragua Dipilto
Full 16oz Pound $16.00
Burundi Nkanda Procasta Mill
Full 16oz Pound $16.00
Bold, mahogany, leather Chocolate malt, cookies, root beer Toasted grains, marshmallow, graham cracker
Costa Rica La Rosa SHB EP Guatemala Finca el Injertal
Costa Rica La Rosa SHB EP
Full 16oz Pound $16.00
Chocolate, gingerbread, black tea Malty, crème brûlée, banana bread Chocolate, creamy, thick, smokey
Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry
Full 16oz Pound $16.00
Sumatra Takengon Mandheling
Full 16oz Pound $16.00
Coffee Sampler
Two Full Pounds! $32.00
Smokey, sassafras, chocolate

Loamy, dark chocolate, thick

Try our four favorite coffees.