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A Taste of South America


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Brazilian Fazenda Auerea

Dark and Delicious


Heirloom varietals from Brazil have become increasingly rare. This is because larger commercial operations have been expanding in the country, making the Brazilian Fazenda Aurea incredibly special.

This is no run of the mill Brazilian varietal. Bold to the point of brazen, this coffee features a full body with toasty overtones and nutty notes. Then, ride out the mile-long finish with the sweetness of caramel.

What's so unusual is that it's a delicate, small-farm seed grown in a region known for large, industrial operations. Brazilian coffee like this can't be found anywhere else!  

Organic, Fair Trade
Bolivian d'Montaņa 


Bolivia has all the necessary ingredients for a perfect cup of coffee: high peaks, impeccable seed-stock, and sustainable farming practices. What I'm roasting today is an excellent example of how agricultural products can change from season to season. Last years' crop delivered a surprisingly musky coffee to the shop, but the Bolivia d'Montaņa has evolved into something much more exquisite, sweet, and smooth.


This is one of the creamiest coffees I've ever tasted, almost as though there's cream in the cup straight out of the espresso machine. Beneath the crema are hints of cedar shavings and cinnamon, with a beautiful and distinct flavor of creme brulee and raw honey.


Cupping this reminds me of old-fashioned coffee-flavored hard candy with that delightful, lingering sweetness.  Coffee this luscious is an unusual treat, and I am loving it!



Last Call for Panama 

Creamy, Smooth, and Delicate


Latin American coffees like the Panama Boquete Classico are typically light and crisp, with subtle sweetness and a distinct, creamy body. This varietal in particular is among the most well-established from Panama's Volcan region, a washed-mild seed grown in rich, volcanic soils, whose consistency and unassuming character are highly celebrated. 


The Boquete Classico is polished and pristine, brightly-toned with vivid floral aromas and clean fruited notes. The cup has a light body with exquisite aromatics that distinguish it from other coffees from that region. The first sip can be subtle, but once the temperature drops a couple of degrees, it really begins to open-up. We only have a little bit left, so grab it while you can!


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