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Panama Classico and Guatemala Los Volcanas


The moment We Have Been Waiting For:

We traveled to Panama for the 2010 harvest season to learn why the availability of great coffee from this origin is harder and harder to obtain.  We learned in no uncertain terms that Panama was indeed producing less and less coffee each year, despite the fact that this small coffee producing region has won more international gold medals for it's coffee than any other . Take a moment to find out why:

Panama Boquete Casa Ruiz Classico

Your Central American Coffee!

Guatemalan coffee is THE no. 1 most popular coffee we roast, year in and year out.  I have waited patiently for the mid-season crops of high-grown, single estate Guatemala Antigua Los Valcanas to arrive before buying. My patience has been rewarded! Our first 2010 arrival has an intensity of flavor and solid body seldom seen in the Central American varietals.  This portends to be a very good year indeed.

Casa Ruiz 2010 Harvest Season: Farm Land in Boquete, Panama 
A moment with John Collins of Finca Lerida
: Changes for Panama's Future

Cupping Coffee at Cafe Kotawa: Roast Depth and Cup Quality
Micro-Farming from the Seedling to the Cup: A Visit to Cafes De La Luna
Picking your coffee at the origin: Coffee Picking Lessons in Panama

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